TFJO Board
Richard Seivert

Richard E. Seivert serves as the Director of Then Feed Just One and Mission Honduras LeMars. He retired from a thirty-nine year teaching, counseling, and coaching career at Gehlen Catholic High School in Le Mars, Iowa, to devote more time to directing Mission Honduras LeMars and Then Feed Just One. In 1999 he began Gehlen Catholic Mission Honduras in response to a student's request for mission work. Since that time, he has sent more than 38 student (water projects and home building projects) and medical mission teams into Honduras.

Seivert states, “My involvement with the poor has been the most significant aspect of my life. We can learn a great deal about ourselves if we just get involved.”


If you would like more information, please contact him at


                                                                  309 8th St. SW

                                                                  Le Mars, Iowa   51031



Linda Reichle

Linda Reichle is married to Bob Reichle. They have been blessed with three wonderful children and three grandchildren. They are truly the joy of her life.

She has worked at Community Bank in Alton for thirty-five years as a Cashier/Loan Officer and is now the Financial Management Assistant for American State Bank.

In 2006 she had the opportunity to join the Gehlen Mission Honduras team on their student service trip to Honduras and has been going along ever since. She has also been involved with Then Feed Just One for quite some time and loves watching as the children, both young and old, work together to provide these meals for the poor of the world.  She also had the opportunity to meet quite a few of the poor and unfortunate people of Honduras that get to benefit from these meals provided from these packing events. She states that it is always a very humbling experience.

She has always felt that her work at the bank is a job; a job where she helps people that usually have material things but maybe want more or need help with restructuring their debt. But going to Honduras and working with Then Feed Just One is a service she feels she has been called to do to help the poor that have no one to turn to and no state or government aid.  It has become a passion that fills her heart in a way that she can’t begin to describe.

Carolyn Bickford

Carolyn Bickford retired from a 37-year teaching career at Gehlen Catholic School in Le Mars, IA, in 2016. Her husband Dan passed away in 2004. She has two sons and four grandchildren and enjoys every moment she can with them.

Carolyn became involved with Gehlen Catholic Mission Honduras in 2005 when she chaperoned her first student mission trip. From that moment she knew that mission work was in her blood and has chaperoned every student trip since then. Carolyn is also quite active in Mission Honduras LeMars and Then Feed Just One. It was only natural that her love for the mission trips spill over into the other aspects of mission work. She stays busy with keeping the three websites running, making PowerPoints of the trips, and writing the annual newsletters. One of her favorite quotes by Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” can often be found in her PowerPoints because she truly believes that statement. Anyone who has become involved in mission work would readily agree.

If you’ve ever felt like you’d like to be more involved in helping others, please look at our websites and consider helping in whatever way you can. You’ll never regret it!

Karen Schroeder

Karen Schroeder is a retired teacher living in Le Mars, Iowa, with her husband Jim. She has two daughers and two grandchildren.

Karen became acquainted with the hunger and hardships of the Honduran people while teaching at Gehlen Catholic High School.  One of her students was the first student to go to Honduras from Gehlen.  That student accompanied a medical team that had ties to Gehlen.  Upon the student’s return, she related to Karen the great need she saw there.  Karen felt she could not sit idly by and was eager to serve on the Kids Against Hunger team, now known as Then Feed Just One.  She has served on the committee since its inception. She firmly believes Then Feed Just One helps to fill a great need as we continue to answer the Lord’s call to minister to the poor of the world.

Russ Holzman

Russ Holzman is a lifelong resident of Le Mars, Iowa. He graduated from Gehlen Catholic School and is currently active in farming and trucking. At the age of 53 he decided to give up the single life and marry Terri. He now has four stepchildren and two step-grandchildren.

Russ became involved with Then Feed Just One in 2008, taking care of transportation. He discovered he enjoyed working with everyone at the packing events to help feed the hungry. "Life is Good!" Russ said.

Dave & Janet Klein

Mark Schlesser is a lifelong residen of Le Mars, IA, and has been married to Shelly for thirty-five years. They have three grown children who attended Gehlen Catholic School. Each one also participated on the Gehlen Catholic Mission trips to Honduras.

Mark was the Director of Maintenance at Gehlen Catholic School from 2002-2011 and now is the Director of Maintenance at the Good Samaritan Society of Le Mars. Mark's involvement with Mission Honduras begain in 2003, when he started driving the bus to the Omaha Airport for both the student and medical mission teams. That grew into participating on the 2004 mission trip with his oldest son Matt. Mark continues to drive most student mission groups to Omaha.

Mark, along with Charlie Oetken, co-chaired the first Kids Against Hunger packing event at Gehlen Catholic School. He has continued to work at many more food packing events hosted by Then Feed Just One at Gehlen Catholic School. He focuses on the setup, forklift driving, and the loading and unloading of the trucks.

Having been to Honduras, Mark has seen first-hand the postiive impact that TFJO food has had on its many poor and hungry people. Playing a small part in helping with that mission gives him a warm feeling, knowing that he is doing God's work there.


Al Vonnahme

Al Vonnahme lives in Omaha, NE, and works as a Youth Director at St. Gerald's Catholic Church in Ralston, NE.  He grew up on a farm north of Early, Iowa, where he attended Catholic schools for twelve years. He holds an Associates Degree in agriculture from Iowa State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Philosophy from Briar Cliff University.  He was married for twenty-five years to Teresa Pishek Vonnahme, who passed away in 2007.  Teresa and Al were blessed with three wonderful daughters - Molly, a nurse practitioner in Iowa City; Jill, an immigration attorney in Virginia; and Becca, a senior marketing major at Iowa State.  In his free time, Al enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his children, grandchildren and friends.

He serves on the board of TFJO because he believes all life is precious and that everyone deserves to live a full life.

Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.